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Zarah Concept is one of the top Interior Fit-Out Contractors in the INDIA . We deliver an extensive portfolio of high quality, value for money projects acrossthe country in the retail,commercial and office sectors.At all times we are challenging ourselves to look for new ways of adding value and improving efficiency and we take that approach into our clients projects.Through omprehensive logistics and supply chain management, value engineering and change management,our guarantee of Perfect Delivery is absolute.Our People offer a wide variety of services encompassing Design, Business Planning, Project Management, Commercial and Pre Construction Services. Founded upon years of experience of close client collaboration and a flexible and easy style,we are proud of our exceptionally high levels of repeat business

ZC knowledge of interior design and architecture at an international level, plus its expertise in new technologies, enables its designers to work within a framework of effi-ciency in order to provide best value for money.

The Company Operates Mainly In Across India , Zarah , Design Approach & Philosophy From New Delhi World City, India, we deliver Nationwide high end branded concepts and environments

ZC has already successfully partnered some of the major players in both the high Luxury hotel, and Residential fields, both in INDIA utilising its varied experience, plus classic Italian flair and style, designers combine architectural aesthetics with practicality.The aim is always to satisfy the particular needs of each individual client, be they private or corporate.But crucially,everything is done within the watchwords of ‘budget’ and ‘timeframe’.


Supply and demand is a foundation Retail of economic principles, none more so than in the retail environment. A fast paced and competitive environment where clients demand results – the quality of our work and ability to deliver has resulted in many long term relationships.We are but one small cog in the ever evolving global marketplace where the customer is very much in control. Consumers continue to demand instant gratification, demanding products quicker,cheaper and with as little inconvenience to them as possible Retail environments need to be revitalized in order that they touch peoples emotions and to provide a different experience that appeals to all of the customers senses and addresses their aspirations. All for maximum impact and minimum cost!


The Leisure industry embraces a spectrum of sectors and businesses across hotels, sport, entertainment, fitness and gaming.The sector is under increasing pressure to deliver innovation, quality and value. This sector is characterized by projects that will become destination venues in their own right, they typically require complex services solutions and by their nature are longer in duration.Some of our largest projects are within this sector.


This sector has seen us deliver a variety of projects from boutique/casual dining/fast food/coffee shops.These have been delivered in various locations on the high street, in shopping centers,airports, at motorway services and in retail stores.These projects differentiate themselves from standard retail projects with the increased levels of specialist kitchen equipment,enhanced hygiene levels and additional services requirements to deal with the associated heat gains.

Health & Safety

Zarah concept recognizes its responsibility to our employees, clients,associates, subcontractors as well as our community and overall environment.We have set HSE standards for ourselves to assure all employees a Safe Place of Work. We constantly strive to better our work to achieve our goal of zero incidents, with no lost time or reportable injuries, no environmental incidents, or property damage, and the smallest “environmental footprint” feasible.This policy is signed by the top management of and will be prominently displayed in our offices and on our sites. To this we secure the following commitments and actions:Compliance with HSE International, Local regulations and standards Project hazard identification, evaluation and risk assessments in order to eliminate operational hazards Development, documentation and implementation of relevant procedures Providing adequate information, training, instructions and supervision for employees to promote their awareness and understanding of HSE Issues HSE management of contractors and suppliers shall act in line with this policy. In addition, we expect our contractors and suppliers to join us in following these HSE principles Implement reliable and effective measures to reduce risk of injuries, pollutions, occupational illness and property damages Design, build, operate and maintain its projects/facilities for safe operations and provide resources that protect people, assets, environment and safeguard ZARAH CONCEPT Build employees’ and contractors’ capability and knowledge to continuously improve HSE performance best practices and ultimately achieved the desired HSE culture Establish effective preparedness and response at all times to deal with emergency and crisis situations Review systems, controls, processes and technology to maintain HSE integrity and to remain relevant and appropriate to ZARAH CONCEPT Zarah concept commitment to health, safety and environment protection is understood in all the organization and implements this policy via HSE Management System which aims to continual improvement by defining related responsibilities through the organization. Therefore it is imperative that all employees at all levels and contractors full understand and strictly adhere to this policy at all times.


It is the policy of Arco Interiors to operate its company in a manner that recognizes its responsibility to and for the environment. Therefore, the company is fully committed to pursuing and practicing the best environmental practices whenever possible.This policy is signed by the top management of ZARAH CONCEPT and will be prominently displayed in our offices and on our sites. To this we secure the following commitments and actions:Compliance with Environmental International, Local regulations and standards Establish sound environmental objectives and targets and a process of reviewing them Development, documentation and implementation of relevant procedures Use of Environmentally sustainable technologies and practices during our planning, designing and decision making processes Making this policy available to the public To minimize the use of all materials, supplies and energy Wherever possible, to use renewable or recyclable materials.To monitor and records our environmental performance annually, relative to our polices, objectives and targets Undertaking all operations in an environmentally conscious manner that proactively protects the environment from harm or damage.Recognizing that we have an impact on the communities and local environment in the areas in which we work, and to manage our activities to minimize their effects with particular regards to noise, dust, litter, transportation and parking’s.Implementing, communicating and maintaining a documented HSE Management System that is clear, concise and understood by all Providing training and awareness to all employees, subcontractors, clients in regards to the sensitive environmental conditions we work within and must maintain All employees, subcontractors, clients, vendors and suppliers are responsible for ensuring that the protection of the environment is a major consideration at all times.Ensure that adequate personnel and financial efforts are made to implement and maintain the policy within operating units ZARAH CONCEPT commitment to environment protection is understood in all the organization and implements this policy via HSE Management System which aims to continual improvement by defining related responsibilities through the organization. Therefore it is imperative that all employees at all levels and contractors full understand and strictly adhere to this policy at all times.


ZARAH CONCEPT Quality Control has the ultimate purpose to assure the Main Contractor & Client/Consultant that the ermanent works are constructed, and handed over in compliance with the standards and the requirements stated in the Contract documents. The ZARAH CONCEPT Quality Control places effective controls on functions of Contract execution that affect quality from the review and planning of Contract to the Completion of the works.Documentary evidence of conformance to these controls is maintained to give assurance to Main Contractor & Client/Consultants that the Quality Control is being adhered to. THE QUALITY SYSTEM IS FOCUSED ON:The Management Team efforts with regard to the review and planning of the Contract, the issue of clear, comprehensive work instructions and the objective use, resolution, corrective action and preventive action from recurrence of feedback information collected.The requirements of all personnel adhering to the documentary operations, procedures, method statements and work instructions issued to them and providing the feed-back information to allow the systems on going efinement and adjustment that further enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality System.The commitment and direction given by management and the effort and co-operation of all employees govern the effectiveness of Quality System.To provide products and services for the realization of successful project that meets contract and project is requirements to the satisfaction of Main Contractor & Clients/Consultant. INTRODUCTION This quality Plan is the principal quality document which plans and summarizes the quality system and the resources and controls for its implementation on the project. The quality Plan has been prepared and reviewed by ZARAH CONCEPT Managing Office. SCOPE The scope of the present Quality Plan is as follows: ZARAH CONCEPT -Interior Finishing & FF E works (construction and supply) as defined in the tender documents & ubcontractor work in the subcontract agreements.

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